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Cello Lessons with Laura
Please visit my studio website for more detailed information about lessons and other opportunities.

You know that music lessons will benefit your child’s development more than almost any other activity. You love music and want your child to enjoy it too. But how do you make sure the experience is a great one?


For most parents, and for myself as a teacher, a successful learning experience is one that:

  • helps your child reach his or her full potential

  • instills a life-long appreciation of music

  • is a source of joy, not discouragement or burnout.


When you sign up for lessons at my studio, you can relax knowing they are receiving the best possible experience with music. From the very beginning, their love of music will grow as they progress faster than they expected. As they develop into advanced players, exciting playing opportunities will open up to them.


Learning to play the cello is a lifelong journey that constantly evolves. With a good technical foundation and a strong spirit, cello can become a space not only to achieve artistically but also to grow as a human being.

In addition to private lessons, I teach chamber music privately, as well as at the following institutions:

Trying cello for the first time with Chamber Music by the Bay at Cupertino Library.